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5 Instagrammable Photo Locations In Nashville

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The Nashville Like Never Before mural

When you plan a trip to Nashville, you're likely going for a specific reason. Let's face it, you're probably in one of two categories: a country music lover mostly interested in hearing some live tunes or a loyal bridesmaid taking over the city for a bachelorette party.

But whoever you are and whatever your reason, the following locations might just be exactly what you need to capture the events of the week/weekend. Let these five ideas provide some excitement to your Insta stories and feed.

1. Find a mural to add pops of color, design and a message.

Pick an alley, just about any alley, and there will be a mural there that's Insta-worthy. They're EVERYWHERE in Nashville, from the most famous "What Lifts You" wings for one person to art and messages that are perfect for couples or groups.

2. Get a cityscape view on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge.

There's probably not a better and more easily accessible way to get a photo with the city as your backdrop. Another option to consider is standing in the middle of the bridge, as its design is dimensional and the towering buildings can still be seen.

3. Add some greenery at the Gaylord Opryland Resort garden.

I don't think you'll find a prettier nature spot in Nashville to snap some pics. You also have a lot of choices. There are multiple "rooms" when it comes to the garden, and you can pose in front of a waterfall, fountains, trees, gazebos and more. There is also natural lighting with the garden's glass ceiling.

4. Send yourself to another world — or Greece, rather.

What can I say other than Nashville has a replica of the Athens Parthenon sitting in its most popular park? Maybe you want to use the columns to frame yourself or just incorporate the fascinating color and style of the architecture into your background. Either/or, the Parthenon has many angles and elements to exploit.

5. Show off your country side at the Grand Ole Opry.

Obviously, I'm not wearing my boots in the picture above, but the Grand Ole Opry is the perfect place to don them. Take your pick of a detailed acoustic guitar or a red electric guitar. A photo opportunity can't get much easier than this while in Nashville, considering there are literally signs on the ground that tell you where to stand for your modeling debut.

*You can also view my Instagram posts that include these locations here. And don't forget to follow for all real-time updates and stories!

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