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While I can’t remember exactly when my travel obsession began, I do recall my parents taking us on incredible summer vacations. We were a road trip family. So with a fully packed van, we'd go to California or Florida or Colorado for a week, stopping at sites along the way; other times we'd enjoy an adventure a few hours from home.


Years later, I said hello to more college debt and lived in Melbourne, Australia, for five months through a foreign exchange program. Not only did I get to know the area and country on an intimate level rather than just as a tourist, but I also met students from all over the globe.


To me, travel is more than just checking off a “Top Things To Do” list. That definitely plays a part, but it’s also about having the courage to go where you’ve never gone before, the curiosity to experience different cultures and regions and the desire to make time for memories. Traveling doesn’t mean you have to be rich or leave the country. To paraphrase Bilbo Baggins, adventure can even be found right outside your door. 


What I write in this blog are my own experiences. I’m not an expert nor a true vagabond (though I’d like to argue that I’m one at heart!). However, with a background in journalism, I want to give you an honest opinion about the places I visit. My hope is that you'll take my knowledge and tips and create your own adventures.

If you could let yourself simply

wander, where would you go?


get to know me 



I wish I had pictures of babies or fur babies for you to ooh and ahh over like many exciting people have. For now, those areas of my life are nonexistent. My days consist of working as an editor and moving a lot (currently in Oklahoma) for my husband's job. At least this has allowed me to see more of the United States!


In addition to travel, you could name just about any hobby, and I’m probably interested in it. I like to think of myself as a wannabe movie critic and also spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying new recipes and techniques. If I’m not talking, singing or making noise with an instrument, then call an ambulance. And if I don’t message someone back all day, it’s probably because I’m on the move in the great outdoors.

I like the classic look of vintage books (or vintage anything really), still haven't gotten on the Chaco trend and am most at peace when I'm on my parents' farm where I grew up. And, of course, as I'm sure you can guess from this blog, I'm a creator. I love to merge words and visuals to tell an engaging story. So now that I've told you some of mine, what's yours? 

*To find out where I've been so far in the world, head to My Map.

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